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Hope Purser

Hope Purser
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      Hope was born in Pennsylvania and had solid family ties there. She followed in her mother’s and grandmother’s footsteps and became a Registered Nurse in 2012. Hope and her husband Steven reside just north of Nashville with their children.

      Steven has served 20 years in The United States Air Force. Hope understands the value of a Real Estate Agent that works with the Military and helps meet all their needs. She comprehends the importance of family and the need to find the perfect place to “Call Home .” Her strong skills of perseverance and determination are why she is flourishing today.

      While working as a Registered Nurse, Hope practiced the fundamentals of advocating for those around her. In addition, her time in the Emergency Department provided valuable experience using her practicality and critical thinking to support her and her patients.

      She is not afraid of a challenge. She also served as a float nurse and has worked at different surgery centers. Her nursing career strengthened her listening skills and dedication to giving to others.

      The dedicated client-centered work ethic she developed during her nursing career is a strong foundation upon which she bases her interactions. Likewise, she sees many correlations between working in real estate and the medical field: both professions require her to listen to her clients carefully and to use creative problem-solving.
      Supervising her clients’ journeys from start to finish and staying in contact with her clients are just a few of the benefits she appreciates about her hard work as an Agent at Cope & Associates Realty and Auction.

      Her strong negotiation skills are rooted in her sincerity and integrity. Delegating, facilitating, and advocating for those with whom she works is second nature to Hope. Her innovative mindset and her analytical approach to sales make her uniquely qualified to help others select their ideal home.

      Hope can be reached at (724) 422-3288 or (615-384-7500

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